Directorate of Nutrition Services

In the collective nutrition services carried out under the Gazi University Health, Culture and Sports Department, our unit attaches more importance to human health than the material value of food. Daily, food service is provided to a total of 13,000-14,000 students and employees on average. As of 01.11.2019, the number of students and employees we serve has decreased to 11.000 due to the departments transferred to Hacı Bayram Veli University.This service is coordinated by a team consisting of 6 dietitians and 5 food engineers in total, depending on the Nutrition Branch Manager. There is a responsible dietitian/food engineer for each of our kitchens. Our service personnel are a total of 156 people, all of whom have certificates or qualification documents related to their professions.

As a unit, we are primarily based on adequate and balanced nutrition in the food service offered. In this direction, our food menus are prepared monthly by the central dietitians / food engineer of our unit, taking into account customer satisfaction and the nutritional and energy needs of our students, and carefully determining their calorie needs. The raw materials and ingredients needed for the preparation of meals are determined according to these prepared menus. The ingredients we use in the preparation of the dishes are first class ingredients and are taken carefully and meticulously. as of 2013, it has stopped using margarine in cooking and has focused on the use of olive oil-sunflower oil / butter.

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