About Us

The Department of Health, Culture and Sports, which was established in 1982 pursuant to Articles 46 and 47 of the Higher Education Law No.2547, aims to protect the physical and mental health of students, to evaluate their nutrition, work, rest and leisure time in accordance with the plans and programs made by the Higher Education Council. It is responsible for meeting the social needs of the students and fort his purpose, opening reading rooms, inpatient health centers, student canteens and cafeterias, meeting, theater and cinema halls, sports halls and fields, camping areas and for taking the necessary measures for the students to make the best use of them.

For this purpose; The Department of Health, Culture and Sports is a health institution for the whole sector it serves, a service unit that meets the social, cultural, advisory and guidance and sports needs of students. At the same time, practice and research are being carried out in this field in order to support education and training.


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