Values and Goals


- To be committed to the Principles and Revolutions of Atatürk,

- To be bound by laws, regulations and official rules,

- To adhere to ethical values within the awareness of responsibility,

- To be reliable with a realistic and transparent service awareness,

- To be innovative by highlighting the characteristics of hard work and creativity,

- To be respectful, tolerant and friendly to beliefs.



- To develop a leading student profile by taking an active role in the personal development of our students,

- To make student-oriented education sustainable,

- To increase the participation of our students in national and international scientific, artistic, cultural meetings and fairs,

- To create units that provide consultancy services for professional life for our students,

- To turn Distance Education and Continuing Education Centers into effective units,

- To ensure the effective promotion of our university,

- To improve the working conditions and environments of the staff,

- To make the owned social, sporting, artistic and cultural places functional,

- To make all our campuses livable and modern places in today's conditions.


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