About Us

Head of Health Culture and Sports Department, which has been established in accordance with the 46th and 47th articles of the Higher Education Law number 2547, is responsible of meeting the social needs of students such as protecting their physical and mental health, nutrition, study and the relaxation and leisure time, as well as establishing reading rooms, health centers with beds, student canteen and dining halls, meeting, theatre and cinema halls, sports hall and fields, camp grounds and taking necessary precautions to enable students to make use of these services.

With this objective, Head of Health Culture and Sports Department is a health institution for all of the parties it serves, and a service unit meeting the social, cultural, counseling, guidance and sports needs of the students. Implementation and research is also carried out in order to support education.


Our mission is to provide sufficient and high quality nutrition, health, culture, sports, guidance and psychological counseling services for all the parties served by using modern methods.


Our vision is to be a department head that uses resources devoted to student and employees, equipped with information and technology overcoming all difficulties in all fields in accordance with the need and objectives of our university.